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Overbrook Center sets stage for announcement of senator securing of funds to combat lead poisoning 

Efforts to combat childhood lead poisoning in Philadelphia have been boosted by ... Ayana Jones Tribune Staff Writer; Dec 23, 2016; 0 ... executive director of the Overbrook Education Center at a press conference on ... Under the legislation, $250 million in state funding would be dedicated for lead-paint remediation efforts.

Jerome Shabazz - The Visionary

      It takes experience and imagination to see possibility where other people see problems. For social entrepreneur, professor and organizer Jerome Shabazz, no building block—no neighborhood block—is too small to provide a foundation for big plans.

     “In graduate school, I read a theory that asserts that certain institutions are so large and interconnected that they are too big to fail,” he says. “My experiences growing up in Philadelphia inspired my realization that there are systems and people in our community who are too small to fail.” 

Gamechanger: Jerome Shabazz

Changing Lives by Restoring a Community to Health

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Oasis” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia.    Instead, terms like “concrete” and “urban jungle” seem better descriptors.

But today, if you drive down Lancaster Avenue too fast, you may miss the small structure with a mosaic front that houses a nature sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Storm Water Rising

Taking on the rising problem of stormwater runoff.

"Stormwater runoff is one of the largest water-quality problems that we face in Pennsylvania.  “In fact, more than 19,000 miles of Pennsylvania streams and rivers do not meet water-quality standards, and pollution in stormwater runoff is one of the primary culprits.”
Scalable Ideas: Small organizations tackling big problems
March 31, 2016
All across the nation, small environmental justice organizations are challenged with “scaling-up” –taking ingenuity and initiative to address larger concerns in spite of our small size – in order to address widespread environmental issues in our communities. And that’s what our organization in Philadelphia, Juveniles Active in Science & Technology, or JASTECH Development Services, Inc., has been all about: developing innovative and collaborative solutions for improving the built and natural environments of our city.
The Green Hour
Bring Clarity To The Conversation About Sustainability
“Clean living…from the inside out” is The Green Hour mantra as heard on 900AM-WURD radio in Philadelphia, PA every Sunday. Hosted by Nicole Brown, Raquel Moreno and Jerome Shabazz, The Green Hour explores topics ranging from GMOs and food deserts to global warming and disaster recovery. The show raises awareness about our collective condition and offers listeners lifestyle solutions and the tools to regain control of their health and incorporate “sustainability” into their lives on a daily basis.
July 6, 2016

An unsung hero is one who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution, usually refraining from claiming too much in return for his/her efforts.

Our three SustainPHL nominees for Unsung Hero of the Year are quietly improving the quality of life for thousands across Philadelphia. From collecting and documenting litter throughout Philly’s natural spaces to supporting local communities in making healthy choices for themselves (and the planet), each works tirelessly with little expected in return.

Overbrook: Environmental Arts Center Helps Educate the Neighborhood

In an attempt to give the Overbrook community a different outlook on the beauty of life growing from the ground up, Shabazz explained how the Art Center keeps the kids in a more positive light.


Art is displayed at the Overbrook Environmental & Arts Education Center.

“The beautiful thing about human beings is that we all have common attributes. Two common attributes that I think we all possess is the use of our intent and the use of our priority,” he said.

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