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Archive 2006 - 2013

OEEC works with Viridian

      Viridian principal, Tavis Dockwiller, worked as part of an interdisciplinary volunteer design team to develop a green building feasibility study for Overbrook Environmental Education Center (OEEC). The programs of OEEC concentrate on teaching local students and residents the importance of environmental issues in an urban context.

Hear about the OEEC
      Listen to Jerome Shabazz, Executive Director of JASTECH Development Services, on the Overbrook Environmental Education Center and how involving youth in sustainability is important for the future.

Overbrook: Arts Center Providing Sustainability for Neighborhood

April 5, 2013


      The Overbrook Arts Center, a nonprofit organization, teaches children and adults how to create sustainable living within the city.

      “Our nonprofit decided to make the entire experience a community project so people can learn you can turn things around in your neighborhood,” Jerome Shabazz, executive director for the Overbrook Arts Center and founder of JASTECH Developmental Services Inc., said.

Penn State Extension + Overbrook Environmental Education Center Celebrate National Food Day

September 24, 2012


      Penn State Extension Philadelphia and Overbrook Environmental Education Center present an afternoon of local food activities!  Visit the Center's newly planted Penn State Extension High Tunnel at Overbrook Hall Farm to see a unique style of urban farming. Find out about Philadelphia's Farm-to-City CSA, community supported agriculture program for purchasing fresh, locally grown produce and more.

Penn State High Tunnels

Summer 2010


      Portable high tunnels, or “hoop houses,” can help Pennsylvania farmers extend their growing season, expand crop variety, and increase yields—all while reducing pesticide use and retaining vital soil nutrients.

Cover Story: A Natural Fit

June 2, 2009


      The sounds along Lancaster Ave. in West Philadelphia’s Overbrook neighborhood don’t usually include chirping. But on one overcast day in May, across the street from the U-Haul rental center and footsteps from a fruit and vegetable bodega, a small red-breasted bird whistled over the rattle and hum of traffic on this, one of the city’s long-forgotten corridors.

Land Revitalization Newsletter – Not Your Typical Brownfield

Summer 2006


      The Overbrook Environmental Education Center is one of the most unique and innovative projects in the mid-Atlantic region. This former quarry in the 6100 block of Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia is being turned into one of, if not the first urban environmental education centers developed along a commercial corridor thanks, in part, to an EPA targeted brownfield assessment.

Urban Oasis: The Overbrook Environmental Education Center

January 6, 2006


      Most entrepreneurs sizing up a former quarry near 61st Street and Lancaster Avenue saw strip retail in its future. But not Jerome Shabazz, Executive Director of JASTECH Development Services.

      He envisioned the scrubby brownfield site as the Overbrook Environmental Education Center—complete with native plantings, outdoor biology labs, and “green” architecture.

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