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Coming Soon!
Listed are the projects and programs the Overbrook Environmental Education Center is working towards!
Donations and Volunteers to help us with our efforts will be graciously welcomed!

Overbrook Bakery and Cafe'


      In the works is a great space for the community to meet, greet, and eat with one another! The Overbrook Bakery and Cafe' offers high quality products and specialized service. Overbrook Environmental Education Center hopes for this space to serve as a "third" place in which the community can relax and feel at home. A place to nourish relationships and the diversity of human expression.



      The Overbrook Environmental Education Center will in the near future be developing an Aquaponics system. This feature will provide indoor aquarium style tanks for fish to live in while nurturing a plant wall outdoors. Refer to the calendar for opening dates.

      6150 Lancaster Avenue will be the future home of a "Farmacy" or wellness center for the community. Overbrook Environmental Education Center plans to provide the program "Prescription 4 Better Health", which focuses on four key areas including food literacy, food access, movement, and overall wellness. Potential features for this site will be a farmer's market, clinical offices, a pharmacy and more!

Visit for more information!
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