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Philadelphia Water Department Summer WorkReady Program

This summer, Philadelphia Water Department's - WorkReady Program is taken place at the Overbrook Environmental Education Center (OEEC). Involved are local high school students from Overbrook High, Randolph Vocational and G.W Carver, who participate, learn, and actively engage with the community about the green infrastructure. The program aims to give students the skills necessary to make them successful in future work places.

All of our students successfully completed a 15-week Green Infrastructure training program and have participated in the learning about the importance of Green Infrastructure specifically outlined in the Water Department’s - Stormwater Management Program (SMP). This training is critical to preserving the health and safety of Philadelphia's water.

Our students work with the OEEC to help maintain these SMP sites, in order to optimize their ability to properly manage stormwater. During this program, students also helped to maintain the pervious pavers, flow-through planters, bioretention basin, orchards and high tunnel-green house at the OEEC. Another focus of the students program is to design and build an aquaponics system here at the OEEC. This project, supported by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, US Forest Service, and others aims to allow our students to "Think Beyond," what they know about green infrastructure to develop, create, and work together on a projects that can act as a great teaching tool and resource to the local community.

These pictures show the students learning about the Green Infrastructure on Lancaster Avenue.


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